ADDRESS: 189 Chrystie St, New York, NY, 10002
DATES: October 12th, 13th, 19th, and 20th
PRICE: $30-$350

The List is a theatrical adaptation of a photography project that guides audience members through the gravestones of someone else’s love life. Performed as a series of monologues, audience members will engage in a participatory narrative that opens the door to an evening of voyeurism, sexual intrigue, and personal introspection – leaving you questioning…how many people have you had sex with and what would they say about you?

“Kirra Cheers is the definitive artist covering social media and its effect on modern sexuality and the urban dating culture. In her groundbreaking treatise, Tinderella, she exposes the underbelly of Tinder and its transformative effect on communication and interaction in the age of the iPhone. It’s an explosive mix of high-concept self-awareness and low-brow interaction, where she reveals that which is often-experienced but rarely documented.

She continues her exploration in The List, expanding on her insights from Tinderella by transforming the digitality of modern life into a voyeuristic examination that splinters the ego into one-part narcissism and one-part disconnection, resulting in a series that is at once gripping and reflective of the changes taking place throughout greater society.

Her ability to draw out the brash vulnerability of her generation is profoundly unique and fundamentally incomparable. There simply is no one else who offers the same insights.”

Spencer Lum (Ground Glass)